Kingfisher Bluez 'Short Songs, Vol. 2' 7" Compilation


Image of Kingfisher Bluez 'Short Songs, Vol. 2' 7" Compilation

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Released as part of Kingfisher Bluez 2020 Record Store Day compilation, Short Songs, Vol. 2.

Dedicated to Jeff Bezos, who through his own questionable behaviour has managed to increase his personal wealth by 76 billion US dollars in the first 5 months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instruments played, sung, recorded & mixed by Jeff T. Smith at the Bungalow
More vocals by Alice Rowan

Cover art by Megan Miller at Clementine Studio
Mastered by Stu MacKillop at Rain City

Full tracklisting:
1. Dew - Quiet Boy
2. U.S. Highball - Hlemmur Song
3. Non La - Far
4. Luvgoon - Alone
5. J. Blissette - Left Outside
6. The This - Missed The Mark
7. Rose Melberg - Jules Rules
8. Living Body - I Do
9. Marlaena Moore - Hologram
10. Colin Cowan - Dance In The Afternoon
11. David Ivan Neil - Home Made Peach Wine
12. 55 Deltic - Jolyon